7 Things You Should Do For Your Car Before Winter

7 Things You Should Do For Your Car Before Winter

Winter is fast approaching, which means there is no better time to prepare your car for the winter than now!

You may be wondering why your car needs a “winter prep” and let us tell you—the last thing you’ll want is get maintenance done to your car. In addition, the toll Jack Frost can take on your set of wheels can be minimized by some prep work—and who doesn’t want that?

And now you’re wondering where you begin work on such an undertaking? Allow us to walk you through seven easy steps for the complete winterization of your vehicle.

  1. Get an oil change

This one is very important as you are likely to avoid service centers like a plague during the winter months regardless of how wonderful they are. Hint hint: check out our VERY comfortable service center.

2. Check your coolant

In the winter, you’ll want your coolant ratio to be 60/40 instead of the usual 50/50.

3. Make a winter supply box

Inside, you’ll want to keep a small shovel, chains for your tire, emergency food, blankets, a flashlight etc…

4. Prepare your wheels

The winter is toughest on your tires. Begin by switching from regular tires to a winter set. Next, you’ll want to make sure your tire pressure is spot on! If you’re unsure what the correct pressure for your wheels is, you can find it on the tire.

5. Check your tread

A good tire tread can prevent slipping and sliding when winter’s worst comes out.

6. Refill your window washing fluid

Rather than simply refilling it with the standard wash, consider replacing your fluid with a winterized formula that will prevent freezing.

7. Prepare to wash your car often

Road salt used to melt ice can do some serious damage to your paint job, so be prepared to wash your car often in order to prevent permanent damage.

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