Car Tips: Heads and Tails

Car Tips: Heads and Tails

In our last blog, we mentioned some of our favorite autumn drives in the Hudson Valley. We love fall here at Rockland CJD, but we don’t love what the season’s change does to our daylight. Days become shorter, nights become longer, and, well, we are more likely to be driving in the dark. That being said, it is imperative that we take the proper care to ensure our headlights are shining bright for all to see.

Do a light check.

It is easy for one of your lights to go out without even noticing, so take a minute to check your lights before driving at night to ensure other drivers can see you and cops won’t write you a ticket.

Keep them clean.

A scrub here and there will keep your headlights bright. Making sure your headlights are clear of dirt, grime, snow, and leaves is especially important during the seasons that Mother Nature isn’t doing the roads any favors in the safety department.

Aim them towards the road.

A misaimed headlight can easily cause an accident on dark nights. If you choose to reposition your lights, be sure to have them aimed towards the road for optimal vision of the path in front of you.

Don’t hesitate to turn them on!

It may be the middle of the day, but if the clouds are rolling in and the rains are pouring down, a little light goes a long way in making your presence on the road known. When in doubt, flip your lights on.

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