Autumn Drives in the Hudson Valley

Autumn Drives in the Hudson Valley

Ahit’s the most magical time of year again in the Hudson Valley! When leaves turn from green to gold, from lush to crisp we are reminded that the kids aren’t on summer break anymore, and autumn is upon us. Although some may be begging for an extension on the summer heat, we know your car won’t be. Why? Not only does fall bring us some of the most finger-licking good holidays, it illuminates the Hudson Valley with shades of shimmering gold, all awaiting your car’s and your own viewing pleasure. From  Route 85 to _____ the scenic route is calling this fall and we recommend you pick up your keys and answer.


Photo via Fancy Tiger Crafts

Cruise near the Bash Bish Waterfalls

Photo via Hike the Hudson Valley

The Hawk’s Nest along Route 97

Photo via Silverfish Longboarding

And a more detailed view of the route.

Roscoe to Long Eddy

roscoe to long eddy.JPG

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