How To Take A Road Trip With Your Dog

How to Take a Road Trip with Your Dog

This road trip season, take the whole family along for the ride—even your four-legged child! Taking your dog along may not be as easy and will require a bit more research than if you hadn’t, but it wouldn’t be a family vacation if Rocky was left behind.

Fortunately, here at Rockland CJD, we’ve done the research for you.

The process of taking your dog along for the ride should go smoothly if you follow these tips!

  1. Establish a driving routine with your dog prior to the expedition! Whether this includes a traveling crate or not, it’s important that your dog feels familiar with the process of driving.

  2. Book hotels, camping areas or Airbnbs that allow pets.

  3. Depending on how your dog responds to travel, make the decision to medicate or not to medicate your pup during the long drive.

  4. If you stay in an Airbnb or hotel, spread your scent around the room before letting your pup in. This will surely help her feel safe in a foreign space.

  5. Keep your dog calm during the drive! Lavender essential oil can help soothe your pup.

  6. Never leave your dog in the car! It can act like a sauna, even on mildly warm days.

Happy traveling!

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