Amazing Trunk or Treat Ideas (for the Last Minute Participants!)  

So with a week to go before Halloween, you decided to participate in a Trunk of Treat event. You want to make a good showing, but you don't have weeks to craft and prepare. These car décor ideas for a fun Halloween showing can be done in almost no time at all with very basic supplies!

1. Gumball Machine
Fill your hatchback with balloons, tape a clear piece of plastic around to hold them in. Add a red poster board top and bottom and place a bowl of candy (or gum!) at the bottom. Easy!

2. Under the Sea
Attach green streamers to the top of your hatchback and intersperse with cut out fish on fishing lines. Cover the trunk with a blue blanket and voila! A bowl of Swedish Fish would be perfect!

3. Hungry Car
Cut out a row of teeth from poster board and attach to the top. Roll out a length of red fabric from the bottom, rounded at the end to look like a tongue. Candy is ready to be placed on that tongue and swallowed up!

4. Zoo
Grab a baby gate and some stuffed animals. Settle the stuffed animals in the car and zip tie the baby gate in front of them. Easy!

5. Camp ground
Pitch a child sized pup tent in your hatchback, add a blanket and lawn chair, and you're ready to camp. If you've got a few extra moments, use tissue paper and sticks to create a "campfire" you can settle your candy bowl in.

6. Fun and games
Take a twister mat, use it as a base, and add four different colored bowls of candy. When participants spin the twister wheel, they are given which bowl they choose from!

7. Game Day!
Grab a length of green fabric and draw some yard lines on. Candy bowl in the end zone!

8.  Slumber Party!
Grab a few bean bags, pillows and blankets, and make that trunk cozy. Throw on your bathrobe and you're ready to sleep!

9.  At the farm
Spread a red checked tablecloth in your trunk, add a few decorative haybales, and maybe a cowboy hat.  

You may not win any prizes, but last minute doesn't mean you can't participate!

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