Sure, you could change where you shop for groceries to reap benefits at the gas pump, but if you look at how much money you're spending on food, you might be surprised to find you're not coming out ahead at all. Instead of relying on big box stores to dictate your gas prices, take matters into your own hands by simply using less gas! These 10 car maintenance tips will help you consistently save money on gas, regardless of where you buy your milk!


1.      Tighten your gas cap! You'd be surprised how much gas evaporates because of loosened caps, making us refill more often than necessary.

2.      Abide by the speed limit. Driving too fast uses more gas, so heed that MPH to be safe and efficient!

3.      Use cruise control when safe to do so.

4.      Coast when possible. Like with cruise control, less acceleration and braking means your engine isn't working as hard, so you're using less gas.

5.      Consistency is key.  Experts deem 55 MPH as the most fuel-efficient speed.

6.      Ensure your tires are inflated properly.

7.      Change your air filter so your engine doesn't have to work overtime.

8.       Reduce the weight in your vehicle. If you have a roof rack, bike rack, or a bunch of junk in the trunk-get rid of it! Not only will removing exterior add-ons make your car more aerodynamic, but a lighter vehicle is a more fuel-efficient one.

9.      Keep the windows closed. As with a roof rack, open windows decrease the aerodynamics of a vehicle. If it's a hot day, use the air conditioner on low as opposed to driving with the windows down.

10.  If you've taken all proper maintenance measures with your car, but are still looking for ways to save on gas, use a handy dandy gas app like GasBuddy or Carticipate to quickly find the lowest prices in your area.

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