It never fails: if there's a puddle, my kid jumps in it. If there's mud, my kid plays in it. If there's rain, my kid gets soaked by it. All this to say, my kids get dirty simply by being kids! I don't mind if we're at home with back-up clothes and the shower on standby, but if we're out and about, I've learned to stock my car with these must-haves:

·         Sunblock: doesn't matter the season or the temperature, sunblock is a must!

·         One extra outfit per kid (including socks and underwear): Please see puddle problem above.

·         Wet wipes: if it's dirty, kids will find it. Be prepared!

·         Warm blanket: Don't miss an opportunity to snuggle with your kiddo!

·         Bottles of water: Good for cleaning or drinking, and can even be used as windshield wiper fluid in a pinch!

·         Easy snacks: Regardless of what we're doing, my kids pronounce their hunger approximately every fifteen minutes. Rarely do I believe they're actually hungry that often, but fruit, crackers, and other individually wrapped snacks make them happy. And quiet.

·         Hand sanitizer: To be used preferably before eating those snacks…

·         Umbrellas: Throw a few in the car because if your kids are anything like mine, they won't be sharing their precious umbrella with their siblings!

·         Disposable bags: I keep 5-10 bags on hand because they're perfect for storing wet clothes, and to gather the inordinate amount of trash families make any time they go anywhere!

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